Cereon Biotechnology LLC
Harnessing the epigenetic power of arctic botanicals

About Us

Cereon Biotechnology seeks to develop FDA-approved nutraceuticals extracted from the pharmacopia of the boreal forest and arctic tundra  and to identify promising botanicals to further generate novel proprietary​ derivative compounds. 

Our focus rests on epigenetic strategies to create breakthrough innovations in blunting inflammatory and oxidative stress prevalent in the aging and diseased central nervous system with the goal to rescue and protect cognitive capacities. The tradition of ethnobotanical knowledge of the indigenous people of Alaska is an invaluable guide.


The company is committed to building a sustainable, high tech venture in the State of Alaska through a strong collaboration with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and provides  educational consulting on the connection between nutrition and epigenetics and its health benefits for the brain. 


Cereon Biotechnology is located in Fairbanks, the largest City in the interior of Alaska,  nestled between the rugged Alaska Range in the south and the Yukon River in the north just 100 miles shy of the Arctic Circle. 

Cereon Biotechnology LLC, ​PO Box 84434, Fairbanks AK 99708 

​E-mail: info@cereonbiotech.com     Web: www.cereonbiotech.com