Cereon Biotechnology LLC
Harnessing the epigenetic power of arctic botanicals



Our discovery platform generates potent modulators directed at the protein-lipid interface to blunt inflammatory and oxidative stress in the diseased and aging central nervous system with the goal to rescue and protect cognitive capacities.  

A bioassay suite incorporating targets and sources of inflammatory and oxidative stress in the central nervous system enables us to efficiently identify nutraceuticals and create phytochemical-inspired proprietary lead compounds.  The ethnobotanical pharmacopeia indigenous to the boreal forest and arctic tundra provides a vast underexplored reservoir of natural resources. Modulation of protein/lipid interactions illuminates an innovative therapeutic strategy with unexplored epigenetic potential applicable to a wide range of disorders exacerbated by inflammatory and oxidative stress beyond the central nervous system including cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes type II, cancer, and infectious diseases.